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Restaurants & Bars

Your dream holiday hosted by the nature and Mediterranean...

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The menus created by those who are professional masters in their own fields are offered in our hotel's restaurants in order for you to meet the pure samples of the Turkish and world cuisine.   It is nearly impossible for you not to find foods appealing your taste in a total of 6 restaurants.  The wide and spacious restaurants with high ceilings are designed to make the eating a joyful feast.  While you are living the joy of eating in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, our kitchen will be at your service by its wide menu and rich options.

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    Pool Bar

    You can enjoy your holiday in the large and comfortable seating areas where special cocktails and coffee varieties are served all day long at the pool bar.

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      Kybele Main Restaurant

      Offering its guests the wide culture of cuisine in the form of open buffet, Kybele Restaurant appeals to your taste and your eyes by its special design.  Located just in the heart of the hotel and of

      There will be a bar almost anywhere you may need to refresh while you are at your holiday.  Special drinks, world-famous cocktails, rich alcohol options and any and all kinds of hot drinks appealing to your taste are included in the menu for you in our 7 bars in total.  Our barmen will prepare you the flavours you possibly have not tasted so far, by their creativities in their own fields.

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        Limone Restaurant

        Offering the prominent Italian cuisine when it comes to the Mediterranean cuisine by the flavours selected diligently the chefs under the atmosphere that will make you feel like you are in Italy, Limone Restaurant is a place you will be quite pleased to be at.

        All A la carte restaurants are available on reservation and at an additional cost. 

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          Mermaid Restaurant

          Mermaid Restaurant, where you will experience the insatiable flavour of sea products with the privilege of Sirene the Mermaid, will make contributions to your fish culture by its variety.

          All A la carte restaurants are available on reservation and at an additional cost.

          Bohemia A la Carte Restaurant

          From breakfast to lunch and dinner, the richness of Bohemia's menu appeals to every palate. You can spend pleasant hours accompanied by an exquisite local and foreign drink menu, or if you are looking for different tastes, you can try special concept cocktails.

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            Sini Restoran

            One of the richest cultures of our geography, which hosted and continues to host many civilizations, is its unique cuisine.  Sini Restaurant brings the most distinguished samples of this culture kneaded for hundreds of years together with its guests.

            Sini Restaurant enlivens the kebab, one of the most well-known Turkish words, by its grill-side concept.  The kebap presentations leaving legendary flavours in the mouths and the "grill-side" concept having a completely different culture let you have a dizzying experience.

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              Dragon A la Carte Restaurant

              Dragon Restaurant that amazes by its architecture hosts its guests with its presentations of sushi, the most important flavour spreading to the world from Far East, and the distinguished flavours of the Chinese cuisine attracting the world's attention by taking a different culture to our tables.

              All A la carte restaurants are available on reservation and at an additional cost.

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                Aspendos Food Court

                Bringing its guests with special flavours within natural beauties at the point where entertainment and a wonderful beach meet, Aspendos Food Court is a special snack restaurant by its fountain show pool and a neighbouring stage.

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                  The patisserie, which is the favourite place of the guests during the day with traditional Turkish dessert options, dessert alternatives the world loves, snacks and drink offerings, hosts its guests by its quite joyful atmosphere.

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                    Lobby Bar

                    Lobby Bar, which brings the Mediterranean Sea with joyful moments besides being a place to go by its stylish atmosphere, hosts the guests knowing each moment's value.

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                      Pier Bar

                      The Pier Bar located on a pier being assertive by the size of the area it is established in, brings comfort right onto the Mediterranean Sea by its tasty and distinguished drinks.  You will spend the most peaceful and privileged moment of your holiday by the soft touches of the wind within the blue as far as the eye could reach, and bring flavour to that moment by local and foreign drink alternatives.

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                        Hoopoe Bar

                        Hosting stylish parties with its elite design and atmosphere, Hoopoe Bar is also a popular hangout for golf lovers.  Hoopoe Bar, where new friendships are made and joyful and cheerful conversations are made in company with live music, will not have a hard time to attract you.

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                          Aspendos Night Club

                          Bringing the most special and stylish form of entertainment to Belek beaches, Aspendos Night Club offers an entertainment surrounded all around by the Mediterranean beauties with its wide and spacious setting, show pool and fountain shows accompanying the music, and its stage rising above the waters. 

                          Sirene the Mermaid is awaiting you for a wonderful holiday

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