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Restaurant & Bars

A holiday you dream of hosted by the nature and the Mediterranean Sea...

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Menus prepared by our cooks who are professional in their own fields are presented to you from the culinary of our hotel for you to meet the decent examples of the Turkish and World Cuisines.

While you are enjoying your holiday, a cafe or a bar where you can rest and find a fireplace almost everywhere you need will be waiting for you. Special drinks, world wide famous cocktails, rich alcohol options and almost any kind of drinks for your taste are included in the menu for you in our four bars in total.

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    Sini Restraurant

    Its unique cuisine, which is one of the richest cultures of our geography that has hosted many civilizations and continues to do so, meets its guests at Sini Restaurant with the most exclusive flavors of this culture that has been blended for hundreds of years.

    Service is provided according to availability.

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      Antiocheia Restaurant

      The restaurant, which is located at the heart of the hotel, serving the main meals in its large area, brings together hundreds of guests with different cultures and tastes.

      Breakfast: 07.45 - 10.30
      Lunch: 12.30 - 14.30
      Dinner: 18.30 - 21.00

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        Fireplace Bar

        Having a holiday in Davraz during the winter is unbelievably beautiful. You can go skiing while enjoying the snow-white nature in the magical atmosphere of Sirene Davras Hotel and on the way back, you can sip your drinks that would warm you up at the Fireplace Bar, which offers rich alternatives, along with the crackling of the wood fire.

        Service is provided from 08.00 to 00.00.

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          Sports Bar

          Our Sirene Davras Hotel, which thinks about everything to provide you with a pleasant holiday, has not forgotten the sports enthusiasts. You can watch your favorite sports programs while sipping your drink at the Sports Bar.

          Service is provided from 19.00 to 00.00.

          You will be alone with nature For an unforgettable holiday Sirene Davras is waiting for you
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